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Jordan’s Principle

About The Project

The Jordan Principle Child First Initiative began in October 2017 with the hiring of the Case Manager Roddy Batson R.P.N., B.A., M.Ed. We relocated into our first Jordan Principle building, built in 2019 with our program becoming independent and self reliant.  Presently we have under construction a “Cultural Building” which is being built by TCM and hoped to be completed by spring/summer 2021.

In our program we presently have 171 registered children in our program which is a reduced number of active members (due to relocation, aging out, etc. and Covid-19 restrictions) who have continued to be involved in program activities.  As part of community spirit with Camperville/DuckBay we have permitted/involved “Off-Rez” participation in our On-line activities only.  This participation only permitted: if there is room in the program above our On-Rez members, and at no cost to our program; such as on-line games noted.

Roddy Batson R.P.N., B.A., M.Ed.

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